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Articles + Blog Posts

You give me any topic, I do the thorough research for you and package it into an article or post that fits the personality of your brand, website or publication.

$0.30 / word*


To take your article or post to the next level, I can talk to the experts for you. Just give me their name and number, as well as any pointers on how to get them to spill the beans. I'll take care of the rest.

+$30 / interview

Photos + Art

Most articles or posts aren't complete without a visual, but finding the perfect one can take some digging. Let me do the work for you.

$15 / visual


The writing may be done, but you could always use a fresh set of eyes to catch those sneaky typos. I have to put my knowledge of grammar, punctuation and AP style to use somehow.

$0.10 / word

Ready to begin?

Let's set a deadline.



*Typical articles or blog posts are around 500-1,000 words.

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