Hi there!

My name is Michaela and I'm a writer and editor: a collector of information, listener of stories and wrangler of words. 

I’ve written about everything from flower shops to Polaroids to gourd art (yeah, that's a real thing). Some of the people I've had the privilege of interviewing include interior designers, elderberry farmers and an actor.

Insatiable curiosity and the belief that words change the world drives my work. 


Think working with me might be a good fit? Now that we’ve been introduced, let’s connect.

Email me, follow me or send me a message. I’m curious about your story and I’d love to be the one to tell it.  

Education: Bachelor of Science in Journalism

Skills: SEO copywriting, pitching ideas, interviews, research, fact checking, social media, editing, writing well-structured narratives with a

strong voice

Who I work with: For-profit businesses, nonprofit organizations and lifestyle publications

Favorite topics: Travel, mental health, nature, interior design, photography, food, events, hobbies and anything creative